Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lola Island

We're anchored off Lola Island, in Vona Vona Lagoon - we have been here 5 days. (Position: 08 08.36S 157 09.89E)
Vona Vona is a large shallow lagoon at the northwest end of New Georgia Island. We entered it after we left Noro by passing through Diamond Narrows, a passage between New Georgia and Kohinggo Island. Diamond Narrows is about 3 miles long and 50m wide. We then turned off the beaten path and followed the sketch map in our cruising guide, 5 miles past coral shoals and small islands, to Lola Island.
There's a small resort here called Zipolo Habu. We visited and had dinner out soon after we arrived. We've also been diving. We'll probably stay here a few more days before we move on - it's a nice spot.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Podcast posted

We came to Noro to clear in and, while chasing down the officials, I had an hour to kill. I went into the Solomons Telekom office to use the Internet and, lo, I was able to upload podcast #38! This was recorded during the passages to Chesterfield Reef and to Gizo. It can be downloaded from my podcast page.
I was able to clear in; it took 3 hours and US$250!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kennedy Island

Today we passed Kennedy Island, the tiny island to which JFK first swam with what was left of his crew when his Torpedo Boat was sunk by a Japanese destroyer in WWII. There is also a restaurant in Giza called PT-109.
We've now come 15 miles east of Gizo on our way to check in at Noro on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Podcast NOT posted

I had hoped to post a podcast episode in Gizo but it was not to be. After 3 hours of internet time in the Gizo Telekom office, I got the 45 minute upload to get to within 15 seconds of completion before it hung! I couldn't face starting over. When I get another chance, I'll have another go. ;-(

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Arrived in Gizo

We have arrived in Gizo, Solomon Islands after a seven day passage. The last few days were uncomfortable with winds and seas moving round to the beam. Also, we experienced rain and squalls over the last 24 hours - presumably due to the South Pacific Convergence Zone.
I went into town to clear in. The Quarantine officer was out and nobody knew whether he'd be back today. Immigration has closed their office here, requiring us to go to the town of Noro (25 miles away). The Customs Officer was also away - in Noro, of course! A policeman confirmed that we had to go to Noro but said that we need not hurry. "Take your time," he said.
Tomorrow we'll go shopping in the market for veg, and then set off towords Noro.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Halfway to Gizo

We're more than half way to Gizo in the Solomon Islands - 277nm to go. This is our fifth day at sea. For the first few days we had light winds from the south and flew the spinnaker most of the time. Now the wind is a little stronger and more southeasterly so we're using just the jib. The seas are bigger and nearer the beam, too. Ugh!