Thursday, April 09, 2009

On the hard in Bundy

Dos Gatos is on the hard at Bundaberg Slipways, just over the river from Midtown Marina. The last time she was hauled out was October 2006 in Trinidad! Considering the time, the anti-fouling paint has held out pretty well.

We couldn't haul out in Bundy last year because of Tigger and our consequent Quarantine challenges. This year we have more freedom.

This is the first time we've been hauled using a trailer under the bridge deck. Always before we've used a large travel-lift that runs straps under both hulls. The yard staff here had trouble finding suitable spots to place their supports and, as we're in a tidal river, as soon as the tide starts to fall we're fully committed, for good or ill! It was quite a stressful morning!

We'll be probably be out three weeks - I have a long long ToDo list!