Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photo collections

I have started using Google's Picasa to host my photo collections. Right now I have albums from New Zealand, Tasmania and the Vanualava Cultural Festival. Link here.

Back to Bundy

We're back aboard Dos Gatos. We crossed back from Tasmania and took a week to drive up the coast from Melbourne to Sydney, to Brisbane, and to Bundaberg.

We enjoyed our tour of Tasmania very much. They have many unique animals and birds - and grow great cherries! We did in the end see platypus in the wild.

Now, we've moved Dos Gatos into a marina slip in preparation for Martin's trip to the USA. Then it will be Ginger's turn and Martin will have the boat hauled in her absence. With any luck we'll be ready in early June to set off to dive the Great Barrier Reef.