Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Huon Atoll

We've been five days anchored at Huon Atoll - at the very tip of New Caledonia. It's been a great stop. The anchorage was choppy when we arrived as the wind was out of the south. Now that it's backed to southeast, the anchorage behind Huon Island is comfortable.

The island is just a low sandy spit but it's a nesting spot for Masked Boobies, Brown Boobies, Brown Noddies, and Green Turtles! The lagoon is full of huge turtles and every evening females crawl up the beach to lay their eggs. Each morning the sand is covered with their tracks.

We've also made a number of dives, including one at night, and these have been pretty nice. Apart from anything else, we see plenty of turtles on each dive!

In a few days, when the wind settles, we'll move on to Chesterfield Reef.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Port Vila

We're back in Port Vila again - the Big City!

We caught one brief sight of a dugong in Epi, but we did get in some reasonable diving. We left for Vila and made another stop at Pauls Reef which is probably our favorite Vanuatu dive site.

We've arranged for the vet to come to visit Tigger Monday and then we'll leave in a few days when the weather is right. It should take us 2 weeks to get to Bundaberg - including our stopovers at Huon Atoll and Chesterfield Reef.