Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update from Trinidad

Well, I'm still in Trinidad. Ginger is still in Texas. Here's an update.

I've been doing a few boat maintenance and upgrade tasks. We now have a new anchor windlass - the old one was leaking oil and generally deteriating - and a chain stopper. The chain stopper is mounted in front of the windlass on a custom stainless steel bracket. We also have a new wind generator. It's made by Kiss Energy Systems ( right here in Trinidad (about 100yds from the marina). We'd seen them on other boats, and admired their quietness, so we resolved to buy one while we were here.

The other major things are still in wait mode. A new inverter/charger is on order; the watermaker pump is off being rebuilt; the liferaft is off being serviced.

Apart from that I'm leading a quiet life. I have air conditioning, WiFi and cable TV. What else is there? :-)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ginger leaves for USA

Very early this morning, Ginger left for the airport to fly back to the USA. Martin and Tigger remain behind to work on 'Boat Jobs'.

Yesterday was Trinidad Independence Day and last evening we joined a trip up to Fort George, an old British fort, from which we could watch the fireworks in Port of Spain. So after a late night, we were up again at 4:30am!

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Tuesday-Wednesday we visited the Asa Wright Nature Centre which is in Trinidad North Range of mountains. The Centre is famous for its population of exotic and colorful birds including honeycreepers and hummingbirds. We stayed overnight in order to see the birds feeding in the early morning, and to take in some of the guided trail walks the Centre offers. Some photographs are in our Photo Gallery section.